BOLI Construction Industry Occupational Wage Survey


Each year, the Oregon Employment Department (OED) conducts an independent geographical wage survey of the construction industry on behalf of the Bureau of Labor and Industries. This page provides information and resources for contractors who are completing the survey.



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2014 Construction Survey

The 2014 Construction Industry Occupational Wage Survey will be mailed out to contractors in July. Surveys are due September 5, 2014. If you need assistance completing the form, or need an extension to the survey please contact our staff.

Am I in the Survey?

If you haven’t received a Construction Industry Occupational Wages Survey and believe you should have, please contact our staff. We will review our records to make sure mailing and contact information is up to date.

All Trade-Regions Required to be Reported in 2014

Since 2011 work for some trades in some regions were not required to be reported. This survey will mark the first time since 2010 that the Construction Industry Occupational Wage Survey will collect information for all trade-region combinations. In 2015 an updated Trade-Reporting table will be provided, indicating whether information for a particular trade will be reported.

All Contractors Surveyed in July

Since 2011 the Construction Industry Occupational Wage Survey was sent to contractors on a rotating cycle. About half of the contractors received a survey in February, while the other half of the contractors were sent a survey in July. Beginning in 2014, the survey will return to the past method where identified contractors are sent a survey in July.


Recent Updates

May. 2014 – Postcards were mailed to contractors. The postcards asked contractors and related businesses whether their employees performed work on the site of non-residential construction projects. Postcards should be returned by June 6, 2014.


If you received a postcard asking for information about construction activity and want to respond electronically click here.


If you received a postcard about delivery and labor performed at a jobsite and want to respond electronically click here.

Jan. 2014 – In 2014 the survey will begin collecting information from contractors once a year. Contractors who are normally surveyed in February were sent a letter indicating that they would not be surveyed until July.

Dec. 2013 – Contractors reported over 740,000 hours of journey-level data in the 2013. A summary of survey results was released in the Annual Report. 

How do I file electronically?


If you have more than 10 employs to report it may be easier to complete the Survey Spreadsheet for Electronic Filing and follow the directions below.


If you have fewer than 10 employs to report it may be easier to complete the online version of the survey



1. Download the Survey Spreadsheet for Electronic Filing. Save a copy with the information you have to report.

2. Complete section 1, and sign the front page of the survey form. This portion of the survey must be returned either by mail, faxed and emailed as an attached document. You must return the signature page.

3. You may either email the data to or transfer the data to a CD. Please do not convert the file to PDF.

4. On the subject line of your e-mail please write: WAGE DATA FROM SURVEY ID _____. Your survey ID number is on the back cover of the survey booklet.

5. In the message section of your email please identify your firm name, the name of the person completing the survey, and a phone number at which this person can be reached.

6. Attach the wage data and signed first page. You may also mail this page. Please make sure that you have scanned the document for viruses and that no macros are included in the file.

7. We will send verification that we received the wage data within two business days.

Contact Us



BOLI Wage Survey Unit

Oregon Employment Department

875 Union Street NE, Room 207

Salem, OR 97311


Contact us at:

Direct: 503-947-1282

Toll Free: 800-262-3912 ext. 71282

Fax: 503-947-1210

Jason Payton
Wage Unit Coordinator

John Miller

Research Analyst



1. Click on the link next to “Report Online.”

2. Complete the contact information requested. By completing the contact information and submitting your report online you certify that the information reported on the online form is correct and verifiable.

3. Follow the instructions to report information. Once you are finished reporting information you can finish reporting by clicking the “Submit” button. If successful you will see a page confirming that you have successfully completed the online survey.

4. If you are not finished reporting, and wish to complete the survey at another time you may click the save button. Follow the instructions and save a copy of the website address. You can use that address to return to your survey. Saved surveys are retained until the 28th of each month. If you have not completed and submitted the online survey, you will have to enter the previously saved information again.

5. If you would like a copy of information you have submitted online, please contact us at We will send you a printer-friendly version of the information you submitted. If you identify information you have submitted incorrectly, let us know and we will make the corrections.