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A Tale of Two Cities - in Umatilla County
by Dallas Fridley
Published Mar-6-2012

Hermiston and Pendleton are nearly the same size from a population standpoint, with just 240 residents separating the two. Each represented 22 percent of Umatilla County's 2011 population, with 16,865 residents in Hermiston and 16,625 in Pendleton. Wouldn't it be interesting to look at GIS based employment within the cities of Hermiston and Pendleton plus the balance of Umatilla County?

Pendleton had a slight lead in jobs, with 5,631 or 26 percent of Umatilla County's 2010 private-industry total. Private-industry employment located within Hermiston's city limits represented 25 percent of the county total or 5,533 jobs. The balance of Umatilla County includes the cities of Adams, Athena, Echo, Helix, Milton-Freewater, Pilot Rock, Stanfield, Ukiah, Umatilla, and Weston plus its unincorporated areas.

Wouldn't it be nice to see the major private industry employment detail for Hermiston, Pendleton and the balance of Umatilla County?

Manufacturing was Umatilla County's largest private industry in 2010, but most of its jobs (about 62%) were outside its two principle cities, Hermiston (12%) and Pendleton (25%). Likewise, agriculture, forestry, fishing and hunting activities take place outside the city limits of Hermiston and Pendleton. Transportation, warehousing, and utilities (76%); professional and business services (59%); and wholesale trade (59%) also favored locations outside the two principle cities.

Real advantages for Hermiston and Pendleton were found in retail trade, and in leisure and hospitality, as well as in educational and health services. Pendleton was the clear leader in educational and health services with 1,293 jobs or 44 percent of the county total. Hermiston laid claim to 35 percent of educational and health services jobs in 2010. Retail trade favored Hermiston, with 42 percent of the county's total or 1,301 jobs. Pendleton trailed with 34 percent of the county's retail trade jobs (1,047). Despite few retail jobs, Pendleton had a commanding lead in leisure and hospitality with 950 jobs or 42 percent of the county total compared with Hermiston's 34 percent.

Together the cities of Hermiston and Pendleton hosted 89 percent of Umatilla County's information industry jobs in 2010; 80 percent of finance, insurance, and real estate; 70 percent of other services; and 53 percent of construction and mining.

Graph 1
Pendleton, Hermiston, and the balance of Umatilla County '10 covered private emp