Oregon Labor Market Information System
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Oregon's Manufacturing Workweek Rises as Inflation Remains in Check
by David Cooke
Published May-20-2013

The average workweek for Oregon manufacturing production workers rose from 41.0 hours in February to 41.1 in March. The manufacturing workweek has been on a generally increasing trend for four years. In March 2012, this workweek averaged 40.1 hours. The increasing workweek should bode well for employment increases going forward. If the demand for manufactured products continues to increase, then these increases should be accompanied by increasing demand for total worker hours. Pressure from an increasing workweek should result in additional hires at an accelerated pace.

In March, the average wage was $22.30 per hour for Oregon's private-sector payroll employees, down from $22.41 in February. Wages increased 13 cents, or 0.6 percent, from March 2012 when the average was $22.17. Changes in wages over time can have implications for wage negotiations and contracts, as well as monetary policy decisions at the U.S. Federal Reserve. In Oregon, accelerating wage inflation is not evident from this Current Employment Statistics data.

Graph 1
Oregon's private-sector average hourly earnings