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Farm Proprietors' Income in Morrow and Sherman Counties
by Dallas Fridley
Published Jul-18-2013

Net earnings by place of residence represented 61.5 percent of Oregon 2011 personal income total. Earnings measure the sum of three components of personal income - wage and salary disbursements, other labor income, and proprietors' income. Proprietors' income can be broken down further into farm and nonfarm income.

Sherman County led the state with $40,400 in net earnings by place of residence, of which farm proprietors' income represented 36.9 percent or $14,927 per capita. Nonfarm proprietors' income brought in just 2.7 percent of Sherman County's net earnings by place of residence while wages and salaries earned the top spot at 44.8 percent or $18,090 per capita. Morrow County's net earnings per capita reached $29,677 in 2011, exceeding Oregon's, with wages and salaries representing 55.3 percent or $16,422 per capita. Farm proprietors' earnings provided 24 percent of Morrow County's net earnings by place of residence, at $7,116 per capita, while nonfarm proprietors' earnings, at 5.6 percent, offered just $1,676 per capita.

In Oregon, farm proprietors' income comprised just 0.3 percent of its net earnings by place of residence and on a per capita basis farm earnings provided just $88. Comparatively, nonfarm proprietors' income provided $2,849 per capita, representing 10.6 percent of Oregon's net earnings by place of residence, which reached $26,957 per capita in 2011. Wages and salaries were the largest component of net earnings by place of residence, representing 71.6 percent of Oregon's total or $19,312 per capita.

Net farm proprietors' income in Oregon rose substantially in 2011 to total $339.6 million, an increase of $248.8 million over 2010's $90.7 million. Farm proprietors' employment in Oregon totaled 35,654, resulting in an average net income per farm of $9,524 in 2011, an increase of $6,991 over 2010. Despite the substantial gain in net farm proprietors' income, 12 of Oregon's 36 counties reported a net income loss in 2011. Multnomah County fared the worst, with farm proprietors losing an average $29,583 per farm. Net farm proprietors' income was highest in Morrow County, averaging $206,990 per farm, followed by Sherman County's $138,622. Just seven Oregon counties averaged more than $50,000 in 2011 net farm income .

Farm proprietors' earnings represented a large and important component of net earnings by place of residence in 2011, lifting Morrow and Sherman counties well above Oregon's profile.

Graph 1
Average net farm proprietors' income 2001-2011