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Oregon's Weekly Earnings Rise During the Economic Recovery
by David Cooke
Published Aug-16-2013

For many Oregonians, weekly earnings expanded over the past four years. In June, for Oregon's private nonfarm payroll workers, weekly earnings averaged $775.55. This was up from the June 2012 figure of $743.09, a gain of $32.46, or 4.4 percent.

Weekly earnings have risen due to increasing average hours worked per employee, coupled with rising pay per hour. The graph shows the rising trend of weekly earnings in Oregon during the economic expansion of the past four years, using a 12-month moving average. Boosted by an increasing workweek, this measure of earnings rose faster than inflation.

Over the most recent 12 months the average workweek rose from 33.7 to 34.7 hours. Meanwhile, average hourly earnings rose from $22.05 to $22.35.

Graph 1
Oregon's weekly earnings rising over the past three years