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Jobs per Board Feet of Timber Harvests in Oregon
by Nick Beleiciks
Published Jul-17-2014

Oregon's logging and wood product manufacturing industries averaged 27,200 jobs in 2013. Logging employed 6,100 and wood product manufacturing employed 21,100. Employment was up slightly from 2012, but the number of jobs remains well below the recent peak of 40,300 reached in 2005.

Total timber harvests were 4,199 million board feet (MMBF) in 2013, so there were 6.5 jobs per million board feet harvested. That ratio was 9.3 jobs per million board feet in 2005.

The ratio of jobs per timber harvested varies depending on which industries are included. For example, including the 4,700 jobs in paper manufacturing would increase the above ratio to 7.6 jobs per million board feet in 2013.

The 2012 Forest Report, published by the Oregon Forest Resources Institute, found a ratio of 10.88 jobs per MMBF using an expanded list of "forestry sector industries directly related to timber harvest" that includes transportation, land management, and other employment in addition to the above sectors. The report is available online at  http://theforestreport.org/.

Graph 1
Oregon employment and timber harvest levels
Graph 2
Logging and wood product manufacturing jobs per mmbf harvested Oregon