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Unemployment Rate Rankings in Metropolitan Areas
by Martin Kraal
Published Nov-22-2013

August unemployment rates (not seasonally adjusted) in U.S. metro areas ranged from 2.4 percent in Bismarck, North Dakota to 32.6 percent in Yuma, Arizona. At 6.4 percent, Corvallis had the 118th lowest rate of all metro areas in the U.S. and the lowest rate in Oregon.

Between August 2012 and August 2013, all six of Oregon's metropolitan areas experienced improvements in their unemployment rates. Bend had the largest jobless rate decline (-1.4 percentage points), while Corvallis had the smallest decline (-0.4 percentage points). Despite improvements, Bend (8.9%) and Medford (9.6%) still stand among the highest unemployment rates for all metro areas. The Bend rate in August ranked 59th highest out of 372 metro areas, while Medford's rate ranked 35th highest.

Only Corvallis and Portland had unemployment rates lower than both the statewide rate of 7.7 percent and national rate of 7.3 percent.

Graph 1
Metropolitan area unemployment rate rankings