Oregon Labor Market Information System
Covered Employment and Wages
The Covered Employment and Wages tool provides data on industry employment, wages, and number of business establishments. Please read about the sources and limitations of this data, including new information about the NAICS 2012 update which will take effect beginning with the first quarter 2011 data.

Data for the most recent year, including size-of-firm data, are also available in the latest Covered Employment and Wages publication.

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Employment and wages for all industries. Select annual or quarterly data.  
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Historical employment and wage data for a single industry

Historical data are available back to 1976, but beginning in 2001 data are reported using the North American Industry Classification System (NAICS). Prior data are organized by Standard Industrial Classification (SIC). Because of significant differences between these methods of industrial classfication, data for 2001 forward are not comparable with prior years.