Oregon Labor Market Information System
The OLMIS Guide

Please choose your role as an OLMIS user from the list below:

I am a business owner or employee, and I want to post a job opening, find business or economic information, or connect with Employment Department services and products.
I am a job seeker, and I want to find a job, research career options, get training, or find an employment office.
I am a workforce professional, and I want to look up occupational data, find employer contact information, or help a customer find a job or get training.
I am a counselor or educator, and I want to find occupational or career information, locate employers or training providers, help students make choices, or find lesson plans and other educational materials.
I am a researcher / analyst, and I want to find industry or occupational data, check current indicators, request a publication, or set up a RSS feed.
I am a student, and I want to choose an occupation or career field, look for a school or training provider, learn how to look for a job, or find information for a school report.
I am a member of the news media, and I want to check the unemployment rate or Consumer Price Index, see the latest Employment Department press release, contact an Employment Department economist or analyst, request a publication or subscribe to a periodical, or subscribe to an RSS feed.