Oregon Labor Market Information System
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I am a job seeker, and I want to
Register for job search assistance
Create an account using the iMatchSkills system. Search for a match based on your personal profile from thousands of job listings. Automatically build an electronic resume for viewing by nearly 100,000 employers throughout the state.

Search job listings
Browse thousands of job listings on the Working in Oregon Web site without registering for assistance (you may not be able to obtain employer contact information for all job listings without registering).

Find career and occupational information
Search more than 700 occupational titles for job openings, wage information, licensing information, employment forecasts, and more.

Find employer contact information
The Employer Database contains contact information for more than 500,000 employers in Oregon, Washington, Idaho, and parts of California and Nevada. Search by name or industry. Find contact names for cover letters, telephone numbers, Web site addresses, and maps and driving directions to employer locations.

Locate training providers
Search for training providers in more than 500 programs, from apprentice to graduate, by area and school type.

Create a resume
See resume examples and format styles. Learn the characteristics of a good resume. Create an electronic resume on line using the iMatchSkills system.

Improve my job search skills
Articles are available on interviewing, resume and cover letter writing, Internet job hunting, and more.

Find an Employment Department office or WorkSource Center
Find contact information and see the services and products available from your local Employment Department office or WorkSource Center.