Oregon Labor Market Information System
The OLMIS Guide

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I am a student, and I want to
Find information about Oregon for a school report
The Economic and Community Development Department hosts a page containing information for school reports. Topics include Oregon and its history, the state seal, education, government, industry, geography, climate and state symbols.

Choose a major or career field
The Occupation Explorer will find occupations based on criteria you select for educational level, income, and occupational growth. The tool links to labor market information for those occupations.

Search for school information
Search for training providers in more than 500 programs, from apprentice to graduate, by area and school type.

Research occupations
Search more than 700 occupational titles for job openings, wage information, licensing information, employment forecasts, and more.

Read general career information
The OLMIS "Careers" page contains a library of career-related information and other resources.

Learn how to look for a job
Articles are available on interviewing, resume and cover letter writing, Internet job hunting, and more.