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Inflation: Tamed for Good?
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Consumer Price Index
for All Urban Consumers

U.S. City Average
September 2014September 2013% Change
238.031234.1491.7 %
2nd Half 20132nd Half 2012% Change
237.322230.8112.8 %
Source: Bureau of Labor Statistics
CPI Calculator
Find out how much the value of the dollar has changed over time. The Consumer Price Index Calculator allows you to enter a dollar amount, then find out how its purchasing power has changed over a time period of your specification.
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This data table shows year-to-date CPI data for the U.S. and Portland, plus annual average data back to 1970.
The headline Consumer Price Index is always in the news, but did you know the Bureau of Labor Statistics produces many different measures of inflation?
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The Bureau of Labor Statistics produces the consumer price index. Their site contains CPI data and reports.
Thinking of relocating to another city? This Salary Relocation Calculator can help you determine the difference in cost of living between cities.
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