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JobNET allows you to search your local area for 20,571 jobs listed with the Oregon Employment Department and for jobs that are posted elsewhere on the internet. JobNET searches not only for your desired occupation, but also related occupations that may be a good match for your skills.

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The ALMIS Employer Database provides information on 500,000 employers in Oregon, Idaho, Washington and selected counties in California and Nevada, and is licensed for career exploration, job search assistance, job development efforts. Search by employer name, employer size and industry classification is provided along with links to detailed maps showing employer location.
Search Around the State, a weekly summary of employment-related news from around Oregon.
Helpful Links
Use the Oregon Employment Department's job matching tool.
Here you can find all currently open positions with Oregon state government agencies.
Find jobs in other states.
The U.S. Government's official site for jobs and employment information provided by the United States Office of Personnel Management.
The Wage and Hour Division enforces laws covering state minimum wage and overtime requirements, working conditions, child labor, farm and forest labor contracting, wage collection, and prevailing wages for public works contracts.
Information on apprenticeships and statewide listings.
The Bureau of Labor Statistics' green jobs website has information about federal efforts to learn more about green jobs, including the proposed federal definition of a green job.
The Green Jobs Community of Practice is a platform for workforce professionals and others to discuss and share practices, create partnerships, and share research about green jobs.
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Apprenticeships in Oregon: Patience You Must Have, My Young Padawan In some fields, workers are trained in apprenticeships, which combine classroom and on-the-job training.
The minimum wage will increase on January 1. Oregon will continue to have the second-highest minimum wage in the country.
Unwrapping Holiday Hiring Retailers and package delivery companies rely on the holiday season to provide an end-of-year boost in sales
Employers report many difficult to fill openings, often due to a lack of qualified candidates and a lack of applicants for jobs.
Recession Cools Summer Hiring of Teens The teen unemployment rate nearly doubled during the recession. What jobs are teens doing?
Fourth of July Brings Fountain of Jobs to Oregon The exact number of jobs related to fireworks is as obscure as a neighborhood street filled with lit smoke balls.
Construction Employers Continue Online Search for Employees Online ads show employers are seeking more help in construction occupations
Job seekers and training providers want to know which skills give applicants an edge in the job market.
Results from the 2013 Oregon Job Vacancy Survey are in, and show about 32,000 vacancies in fall 2013.
While no one claims there's a plethora of jobs out there, some employers are hiring.
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Businesses reported that almost half (48%) of Oregon's job vacancies in 2013 were "difficult to fill."
Monthly graphs showing the latest trends in the number of help wanted online advertisements for jobs in Oregon and six metro areas.
Middle-skill jobs are important to Oregon's economy. But how do they compare to low- and high-skill jobs?
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