Oregon Labor Market Information System
Region 1

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Local Labor Trends
A Local Labor Trends newsletter is published each month for the 13 regions within the state, and each contains the most recent information on local area employment and unemployment.
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Regional Employment Projections by Industry & Occupation 2012-2022
These regional table provide employment data by industry and occupation. Whether you are looking for the largest industries, the occupations with the most job openings, or the fastest-growing occupations, you will find the information here.
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Oregon Wage Information 2014
What are the average wages for auto mechanics? What are beginning wages for accounting clerks? What are the going wages for experienced cooks? These tables provide answers to questions like these for occupational wages for the state and each region of Oregon.

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Regional Occupations in Demand - 2014
Find out what occupations have a lot of job openings and how much education you need to pursue them.
 Regional Occupations in Demand - OregonPDF
 Regional Occupations in Demand - Northwest OregonPDF
Affirmative Action Packets
These packets provide population, occupational, and applicant characteristics by sex and minority status. This information is tailored to the needs of people responsible for creating affirmative action plans.
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Agricultural Employment
Tables of monthly and annual average agricultural employment by area.
 Agricultural Employment 2013PDF
Job Openings Summary Report
Presents a variety of data elements the Oregon Employment Department gathers in the course of taking requests for workers from employers.
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Labor Force and Industry Employment
These tables contain annual average and monthly labor force, unemploment, and employment by industry for each labor market area.
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Oregon Data Sheets
These tables contain annual data on population, labor force, covered employment and payroll, gross farm sales, per capita income, and housing permits for each labor market area.
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