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for Farm Equipment Mechanics (49-3041) in the Oregon-Washington WIRED Region
Occupational Description Diagnose, adjust, repair, or overhaul farm machinery and vehicles, such as tractors, harvesters, dairy equipment, and irrigation systems. Exclude "Bus and Truck Mechanics and Diesel Engine Specialists" (49-3031).
Employment Projections for Farm Equipment Mechanics in the Oregon-Washington WIRED Region

547 591 44 8.0% 4 11 15

Replacement openings are caused by existing workers permanently leaving their occupation. Many additional job openings occur due to job changes within occupations.
Data Sources and Limitations
Wages (All Industries, 2010) for Farm Equipment Mechanics in the Oregon-Washington WIRED Region
$12.84 $14.77 $17.52 $22.29 $24.92 $18.25 $37,953
Data Sources and Limitations
State of Oregon License Information for Farm Equipment Mechanics No statewide license is required for this occupation.

Current Job Openings for Farm Equipment Mechanics in the Oregon Portion of the WIRED Region There are 5 current openings for this occupation. Openings 1 through 5 are listed below.
Job Title Date Posted Location Wage Offered
Consumer Product / Turf Mechanic 4/11/14 Gresham
Diesel Mechanic 4/1/14 Rickreall $15.00/hr to $17.00/hr DOE
Farm Equipment Mechanic 3/27/14 Salem $15.00/hr to $17.00/hr
Final Assembly Mechanic 3/23/14 Donald $14.00/hr to $20.00/hr DOE
Mechanic & Welder 2/11/14 Carlton $15.00/hr DOE

Major Industries of Employment for Farm Equipment Mechanics in the Oregon-Washington WIRED Region
Industry NAICS Ownership 2008
Agriculture, Forestry, Fishing & Hunting 11 Private 290
Crop Production 111 Private 268
Vegetable and Melon Farming 1112 Private 32
Fruit and Tree Nut Farming 1113 Private 26
Greenhouse and Nursery Production 1114 Private 143
Other Crop Farming 1119 Private 67
Animal Production 112 Private 15
Poultry and Egg Production 1123 Private 10
Manufacturing 31 Private 24
Machinery Manufacturing 333 Private 23
Ag., Construction, and Mining Machinery 3331 Private 21
Wholesale Trade 42 Private 200
Merchant Wholesalers, Durable Goods 423 Private 186
Machinery & Supply Merchant Wholesalers 4238 Private 186
Retail Trade 44 Private 22
Building Material & Garden Supply Stores 444 Private 22
Building Material and Supplies Dealers 4441 Private 22

Educational Requirements for Farm Equipment Mechanics Workers typically need a high school diploma or equivalent to enter this occupation. Those with a postsecondary non-degree award have a competitive advantage in the labor market. In addition, long-term on-the-job training is typically needed, once employed, to attain competency in the skills needed in this occupation.
Skills for Farm Equipment Mechanics
  • Align Gears
  • Apply Automotive System Theories
  • Apply Hydraulics Principles
  • Assemble Gear Systems
  • Assemble Metal Components
  • Estimate Cost, Time, And Materials Needed For Repairs
  • Fit Bearings
  • Follow Safety Procedures
  • Identify Base Metals For Welding
  • Install, Replace And Repair Automotive Parts And Components
  • Interpret And Apply Service And Repair Manuals
  • Maintain Repair Records
  • Maintain Welding Machines And Equipment
  • Maneuver Heavy Objects
  • Operate Engine Diagnostic Equipment, Including Computerized
  • Operate Vehicle Engine Electrical System Test Equipment
  • Perform Combination Welding
  • Perform Routine Service On Vehicles
  • Perform Safety Inspections In Manufacturing Or Repair Setting
  • Read Repair Work Orders
  • Read Schematics And Specifications
  • Repair, Replace And Adjust Farm Equipment Parts
  • Test And Operate Motor Vehicles After Repair
  • Test Mechanical Products And Equipment After Repair Or Assembly
  • Use Algebra
  • Use Basic Mathematics
  • Use Pneumatic Tools
  • Use Precision Measuring Devices In Mechanical Repair Work
  • Use Voltmeter And Ohmmeter
  • Weld Metal Parts

Schools and Training Providers for Farm Equipment Mechanics The training providers listed below offer one or more of the following programs:

Washington State University
French Administration Building
Pullman, WA 99164-1009
Phone: (509) 335-3564
Programs of Training:

Graduates and Program Completers for training programs related to Farm Equipment Mechanics No programs of training are associated with this occupation.

Employment Service Job Applicants - January 2011 for Farm Equipment Mechanics in the Oregon-Washington WIRED Region
Occupation Oregon Job Applicants by Experience Level Washington Applicants
None <1 Year 1-4 Years 5-9 Years 10+ Years
Farm Equipment Mechanics 112 70 189 93 116 0

Occupational experience is largely self-reported.

Applicants counts include only those registered with the Oregon State Employment Department and the Washington State Employment Security Department. They do not represent all job applicants across the WIRED region.

Applicants in Oregon may be listed under multiple occupational categories, so summing applicant counts across occupational classifications will result in some double-counting.

Source: Oregon Employment Department, Washington State Employment Security Department

Related Occupations The scores listed below indicates how closely the skills for Farm Equipment Mechanics matches the occupation in the list. A score of 100% means the occupations have identical skill sets. A maximum of 10 occupations are displayed below.
Occupation Skill Overlap
Automotive Service Technicians And Mechanics 57%
Motorcycle Mechanics 56%
Rail Car Repairers 48%
Mobile Heavy Equipment Mechanics, Except Engines 47%
Bus And Truck Mechanics And Diesel Engine Specialists 45%
Motorboat Mechanics 45%
Aircraft Mechanics And Service Technicians 38%
Bicycle Repairers 37%
Recreational Vehicle Service Technicians 37%
Outdoor Power Equipment And Other Small Engine Mechanics 36%
The Oregon-Washington WIRED Region consists of Clackamas, Columbia, Marion, Multnomah, Polk, Washington and Yamhill counties in Oregon, and Clark, Cowlitz and Wahkiakum counties in Washington.