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for Janitors and Cleaners (37-2011) in the Oregon-Washington WIRED Region
Occupational Description Keep buildings in clean and orderly condition. Perform heavy cleaning duties, such as cleaning floors, shampooing rugs, washing walls and glass, and removing rubbish. Duties may include tending furnace and boiler, performing routine maintenance activities, notifying management of need for repairs, and cleaning snow or debris from sidewalk.
Employment Projections for Janitors and Cleaners in the Oregon-Washington WIRED Region

16,667 18,997 2,330 14.0% 233 337 570

Replacement openings are caused by existing workers permanently leaving their occupation. Many additional job openings occur due to job changes within occupations.
Data Sources and Limitations
Wages (All Industries, 2010) for Janitors and Cleaners in the Oregon-Washington WIRED Region
$8.98 $9.82 $11.58 $14.25 $17.50 $12.40 $25,803
Data Sources and Limitations
State of Oregon License Information for Janitors and Cleaners No statewide license is required for this occupation.

Current Job Openings for Janitors and Cleaners in the Oregon Portion of the WIRED Region There are 79 current openings for this occupation. Openings 1 through 26 are listed below.
Job Title Date Posted Location Wage Offered
Day Porter Team Lead 4/18/14 Beaverton
Day Porter Team Lead 4/18/14 Beaverton
Janitor 4/17/14 Portland $12.00/hr
Carpet And Floor Technician 4/17/14 Gresham $10.00/hr to $12.00/hr DOE
Janitor 4/17/14 Beaverton
Janitor 4/16/14 Portland $10.00/hr to $12.00/hr DOE, Neg.
Highrise Window Cleaner (Journeyman) 4/15/14 Portland
Janitor (Part-Time) 4/14/14 Sublimity $9.10/hr to $11.00/hr DOE
Floor Care: Team Leader 4/11/14 Salem $12.00/hr
Carpet Cleaner 4/11/14 Washington County $2,000/mo DOE
Assistant Cleaning Specialist - Floor Cleaning 4/11/14 Portland
General Office Cleaner 4/10/14 Portland $9.15/hr to $9.50/hr DOE
Custodian 4/10/14 Mulino $9.39/hr to $10.90/hr DOE, Neg.
Floor Technician 4/10/14 Beaverton
Maintenance Team Member 4/8/14 Portland
Maintenance Team Member 4/8/14 Tigard
Janitor 4/7/14 Salem $9.50/hr
Carpet Cleaner 4/3/14 Salem $10.00/hr to $12.00/hr DOE, Neg.
Sanitation Worker 4/2/14 Mcminnville $10.00/hr
On-Call (Night Office Cleaner - Portland/Tigard/Beaverton/Hillsboro) 4/1/14 Portland
Cleaning - Washington Square 4/1/14 Tigard
Janitorial/Utility Worker 3/31/14 Salem $10.00/hr to $14.00/hr DOE
Cleaning Attendant (Part-Time) 14-0073 3/31/14 Grand Ronde $10.59/hr to $12.33/hr DOE
Maintenance Person 3/30/14 Salem
Maintenance Person 3/30/14 Salem
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Major Industries of Employment for Janitors and Cleaners in the Oregon-Washington WIRED Region
Industry NAICS Ownership 2008
Construction 23 Private 260
Construction of Buildings 236 Private 163
Residential Building Construction 2361 Private 157
Manufacturing 31 Private 626
Food Manufacturing 311 Private 204
Wholesale Trade 42 Private 283
Merchant Wholesalers, Nondurable Goods 424 Private 209
Retail Trade 44 Private 745
Food and Beverage Stores 445 Private 152
Grocery Stores 4451 Private 140
General Merchandise Stores 452 Private 276
Department Stores 4521 Private 135
Other General Merchandise Stores 4529 Private 141
Real Estate and Rental and Leasing 53 Private 919
Real Estate 531 Private 880
Lessors of Real Estate 5311 Private 412
Activities Related to Real Estate 5313 Private 402
Administrative and Waste Services 56 Private 5,873
Administrative and Support Services 561 Private 5,873
Employment Services 5613 Private 169
Services to Buildings and Dwellings 5617 Private 5,658
Educational Services 61 Private 515
Educational Services 611 Private 515
Elementary and Secondary Schools 6111 Private 144
Colleges and Universities 6113 Private 349
Health Care and Social Assistance 62 Private 1,217
Ambulatory Health Care Services 621 Private 259
Hospitals 622 Private 479
Nursing and Residential Care Facilities 623 Private 220
Social Assistance 624 Private 259
Vocational Rehabilitation Services 6243 Private 174
Arts, Entertainment, and Recreation 71 Private 343
Amusement, Gambling & Recreation Ind 713 Private 208
Other Amusement & Recreation Industries 7139 Private 197
Accommodation and Food Services 72 Private 541
Accommodation 721 Private 184
Traveler Accommodation 7211 Private 175
Food Services and Drinking Places 722 Private 357
Limited-Service Eating Places 7222 Private 141
Other Services, Ex. Public Admin 81 Private 1,061
Membership Organizations & Associations 813 Private 913
Religious Organizations 8131 Private 821
Educational Services 61 Local 2,219
Educational Services 61 600

Educational Requirements for Janitors and Cleaners There are typically no educational requirements for this occupation. Those with a high school diploma or equivalent have a competitive advantage in the labor market. In addition, short-term on-the-job training is typically needed, once employed, to attain competency in the skills needed in this occupation.
Skills for Janitors and Cleaners
  • Apply Basic Plumbing
  • Apply Cleaning Solvents
  • Apply Health And Sanitation Standards
  • Apply Safe Waste Disposal Procedures
  • Clean And Sanitize Food Processing Equipment
  • Clean And Wax Floors
  • Clear Walkways, Roadways Or Parking Lots Of Debris, Snow Or Leaves
  • Follow Material Safety Data Sheets
  • Follow Safety Procedures
  • Investigate And Resolve Customer Problems
  • Know Properties Of Cleaning Agents
  • Maintain Janitorial Cleaning Equipment
  • Manage Inventories And Supplies
  • Maneuver Heavy Objects
  • Operate And Monitor Hvac Equipment
  • Operate Cleaning Equipment Such As Vacuum Cleaners
  • Operate Commercial Carpet Cleaning Equipment
  • Operate Commercial Washing Machines
  • Operate Leaf Blowers
  • Perform General Janitorial Duties Such As Clean Restrooms And Empty Trash
  • Perform Inspections Of Services For Quality Control
  • Perform Routine Building Maintenance
  • Process Records And Maintain Forms And Files
  • Provide Customer Service
  • Purchase Equipment And Supplies
  • Read And Understand Operating Manuals
  • Recognize Public Safety Hazards
  • Remove Stains From Upholstery And Carpets
  • Sweep And Mop Floors
  • Tend Boiler Or Furnace
  • Use Appropriate Stain Removal Techniques In Cleaning And Housekeeping
  • Use Basic Carpentry Techniques
  • Use Basic Mathematics
  • Use Multi-Story Window Washing Apparatus
  • Use Pressure Washing Equipment

Schools and Training Providers for Janitors and Cleaners No programs of training are associated with this occupation.

Graduates and Program Completers for training programs related to Janitors and Cleaners No programs of training are associated with this occupation.

Employment Service Job Applicants - January 2011 for Janitors and Cleaners in the Oregon-Washington WIRED Region
Occupation Oregon Job Applicants by Experience Level Washington Applicants
None <1 Year 1-4 Years 5-9 Years 10+ Years
Janitors and Cleaners 689 1,222 2,952 894 721 0

Occupational experience is largely self-reported.

Applicants counts include only those registered with the Oregon State Employment Department and the Washington State Employment Security Department. They do not represent all job applicants across the WIRED region.

Applicants in Oregon may be listed under multiple occupational categories, so summing applicant counts across occupational classifications will result in some double-counting.

Source: Oregon Employment Department, Washington State Employment Security Department

Related Occupations The scores listed below indicates how closely the skills for Janitors and Cleaners matches the occupation in the list. A score of 100% means the occupations have identical skill sets. A maximum of 10 occupations are displayed below.
Occupation Skill Overlap
Building Cleaning Workers, All Other 41%
Maids And Housekeeping Cleaners 39%
The Oregon-Washington WIRED Region consists of Clackamas, Columbia, Marion, Multnomah, Polk, Washington and Yamhill counties in Oregon, and Clark, Cowlitz and Wahkiakum counties in Washington.