2019 South Coast Occupational Wage Data

by Guy Tauer

June 25, 2019

The 2019 version of the Oregon Employment Department’s annual summary of occupational wage information is now available. Thanks to survey responses from employers around the state, wage ranges for about 240 job titles have been calculated for the South Coast.

When we put all the data together, we can compute an all-occupations mean hourly wage, which is $25.66 in Oregon and $20.68 in the South Coast. Average hourly wages in 2019 in the South Coast range from $11.98 for counter attendants (cafeteria, food concession, and coffee shop) up to $124.89 for physicians and surgeons.
In addition to compiling average hourly wages, we publish occupational wage ranges. For example, nursing assistants earn an average of $16.08 per hour. The median (50th percentile) hourly wage for nursing assistants in the South Coast is $15.77. At the low end (10th percentile) they earn $12.82 per hour, and at the high end (90th percentile) they earn $20.17 per hour. We calculate an annual mean wage by multiplying the hourly mean by 2,080 hours, the number of hours in a full-time work year, based on 40 hours a week. Many occupations employ a large share of part-time workers. In those cases, multiplying the hourly wage by 40 hours per week and then by 52 weeks per year could overstate actual annual income.

The table shows the South Coast mean, median hourly, and annual wage estimates by occupational group and estimated total employment in 2018.
You can find a wealth of occupational information – including wages – by visiting www.QualityInfo.org. Go to the Jobs and Careers section and select Occupation and Wage Information.

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