A Look at the Manufacturing Industry in Clackamas County

A Look at the Manufacturing Industry in Clackamas County

by Lynn Wallis

December 8, 2016

The majority (62%) of industry employment was in four sectors: fabricated metals, primary metals, computer and electronics, and food manufacturing. Average wages ranged from a low of $20,459 in beverage and tobacco products to a high of $86,488 in computer and electronic products. The average wage for the industry was $64,086 in 2015.

Jobs in manufacturing have fluctuated since the recession. The industry employed 18,509 workers in 2008. During the recession, industry jobs quickly fell to a low of 15,558 by 2010 and then gradually rebounded to 17,238 jobs in 2015. Employment in manufacturing is still currently below pre-recessionary levels.

During the next decade, job openings in manufacturing are expected to grow by 9 percent adding 1,550 new jobs to the county from 2014 to 2024. The jobs in manufacturing with the most projected openings include: packaging and filling machine operators, grinding machine operators, team assemblers, machinists, and welders.