A Profile of Dallas Residents

A Profile of Dallas Residents

by Will Summers

October 19, 2016

Dallas is a small town (population 15,040) located in the middle of Polk County. Oregon is a state where most cities are small; Dallas is the 38th largest city in the state. The City of Greenhorn has a population of two, while the City of Portland's population is 613,355.

Comparing two characteristics of the workforce for City of Dallas with that of the Salem Metropolitan Statistical Area (MSA) and Oregon sheds a little light on some of the strengths and weaknesses for Dallas.

Dallas has a slightly younger workforce compared with the Salem MSA (Marion and Polk counties) or the statewide workforce. Almost 23 percent of the city's residents who are employed are under the age of 30. That compares with 21 percent in Marion and Polk counties and 20 percent in Oregon. The percentage of the city's workers ages 30 to 54 is slightly lower than the Salem MSA and statewide percentages. Dallas' percentage of older workers (age 55 and above) is slightly less than in the Salem MSA, but slightly more than statewide.

Dallas resident's wages are lower than the statewide average and the area's local labor shed of Salem MSA. Dallas has a larger percentage of low-wage workers (26.5 percent earn less than $1,200 per month) than in the Salem MSA (20 percent) and statewide (20.2 percent).     

Dallas residents have a lower percentage of high wage earners; 30 percent of the city's resident workers earn more than $3,333 per month. In the Salem MSA, high-wage earners comprise 39.5 percent of the resident workers and statewide they account for 42.2 percent of the workers.

To summarize these points, Dallas has a younger workforce with lower earnings than is found in the Salem MSA or statewide.