Average Wages Are on the Rise

by Shawna Sykes

June 7, 2021

Each county in Northwest Oregon had growth in average wages from 2019 to 2020. Benton County had the largest nominal wage gain, up $4,651 within the period, followed by Columbia (+$4,154), Tillamook (+$3,811), Clatsop (+$3,591), and Lincoln (+$2,866). Even with this growth, the average wage statewide ($59,918) in 2020 was higher than all of the NW Oregon counties.

Columbia County’s average wages grew at the fastest rate, up 10.2% from 2019 to 2020, faster than Oregon statewide (8.9%). Tillamook County had the second fastest wage growth rate in the region at 9.3%, followed by Clatsop (9.2%), Benton (8.8%), and Lincoln County (7.3%).

Part of this rise in average wages can be explained by the loss of a large number of jobs in industries with traditionally lower average wages in 2020 like leisure and hospitality and retail trade.

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