Certified Douglas County 2020 Population Estimates

by Brian Rooney

March 2, 2021

Certified 2020 population estimates from Portland State University’s Population Research Center show that Douglas County gained 280 residents in 2020, for a growth rate of 0.2%. The 2020 growth rate was a little slower than the 0.5% recorded in 2019.

Statewide, Oregon added 31,655 residents, for a growth rate of 0.7%.

Deschutes County was the fastest growing county in Oregon, adding 4,015 for a 2.1% increase. Multnomah County added the most with 7,830 or 1.0%. Douglas County was the 20th fastest growing out of Oregon’s 36 counties.

Douglas County was the state’s ninth most populous county with 112,530 residents. Multnomah (829,560), Washington (620,080), and Clackamas (426,515) were the top three while Lane County to the north was fourth at 381,365 and Jackson County to the south was sixth at 223,240.

Douglas County’s fastest growing city was Myrtle Creek, adding 6.2%, which was an addition of 110 people. Douglas County’s largest city, Roseburg, gained 25 or 0.1% to reach 24,915 people.

Douglas County’s unincorporated areas gained 30 residents, or 0.1%.

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