Construction Employment Rebounds

by Will Summers

September 12, 2017

Construction employment is seasonal, even in good years.

However, construction employment in the Mid-Valley counties fell by 49 percent during the Great Recession that lasted nationally from late 2007 until mid-2009. Yamhill County’s drop was 56 percent, Salem MSA’s (Marion and Polk counties) drop was 48 percent, and Linn County’s was 47 percent.
The good news is these areas are now close to recovering all those lost jobs. Salem MSA’s construction employment estimate is 10,700 for July 2017. The high for the county was 10,800 in August 2007.

Linn County has seen construction employment surpass its pre-recession high of 3,050 set in August 2007. The current (August 2017) level is 3,090 jobs.

Construction employment in Yamhill County (current level 2,130) is 210 jobs below the July 2007 level of 2,340.

With demand for housing high in the Mid-Valley, construction employment should continue to grow. Current Mid-Valley construction employment represents 6.6 percent of total nonfarm payroll employment in the area.

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