Curry County Components of Population Change

by Annette Shelton-Tiderman

May 1, 2017

Over the past six years, Curry County has experienced little population change. Only Harney (-1.4%), Grant (-0.5%) and Coos (0.2%) showed less growth. During this period, natural increase was negative as deaths outnumbered births (2.0 deaths per birth). Net migration pushed the county’s population change to 1.1 percent as in-migrants outnumbered those leaving by 1,421. This population churn corresponded to the economic contractions of the Great Recession and the subsequent period of slow recovery.
In contrast, Oregon experienced a 6.4 percent population change. Natural increase was positive with 1.3 births to every death. Statewide, Oregon was a national leader in in-migration as evidenced by its net migration of 171,874. Fastest growing counties were Deschutes (12.0%), Hood River (10.7%), and Washington (10.2%).

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