Destination and Travel Time for Workers in Clackamas County

by Lynn Wallis

December 14, 2017

About one-quarter (22%) of workers living in Clackamas County traveled less than 15 minutes to their work in 2016. Another 48 percent traveled from 15 to 34 minutes to work and 29 percent traveled 35 minutes or more to work.

The percentage of workers whose travel time to work took more than 35 minutes increased by 5 percentage points from 2010 to 2016, while the percentage of workers whose travel time took less than 35 minutes actually decreased by 5 percentage points.
Worker Destination

More than one-third (34.6%) or 63,015 workers, that lived in Clackamas County, both worked and lived in the county during 2015. Two-thirds (65.4%) of the county’s resident workforce traveled outside the county to work in 2015. The majority of these workers traveled to Multnomah County (36%), Clackamas County (35%), Washington County (17%), and Marion County (4%) for their jobs.

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