Douglas County’s Age and Race Population Distributions

by Brian Rooney

August 20, 2019

Douglas County’s age and race population distributions are similar to the statewide distributions, although the county is somewhat older and less diverse.

The statewide and county age distributions have two distinct high points, the age groups that include 55 to 69 year olds and the age groups that include 25 to 39 year olds. The former represents the baby-boom generation and the latter, the millennial generation. While boomers are reaching retirement age, the millennials are reaching prime working age. The result may be a temporary skill shortage as more people retire than there are skilled people to replace them. How serious this skill gap will become is uncertain, but the aging of the baby boomers should create opportunities for younger people who develop the right skills.
The age distribution of Douglas County’s population is somewhat different from the statewide with a smaller share of the population in the younger age cohorts and a larger share in the older cohorts. Some of this is due to Douglas County’s popularity with retirees. Abundant outdoor activities and an extensive health care system, including a Veteran’s Hospital, explain some of the attraction.
Although Douglas County is slightly less diverse than the state, its racial and ethnic proportions are similar to statewide proportions. Douglas County is 92.6 percent white, compared with 86.8 percent statewide. The next highest racial category in the county is American Indian at 2.1 percent. The reported Hispanic ethnicity is 6.0 percent in Douglas County, compared with 13.3 percent statewide.

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