Education and Health Services, Leisure Jobs Climb; Manufacturing Falls in Past 10 Years in NW Oregon

by Shawna Sykes

April 16, 2019

Northwest Oregon’s private sector job count has increased by nearly 5,000 jobs since 2008. The area, which includes Benton, Clatsop, Columbia, Lincoln, and Tillamook counties, has had large increases in the education and health services industry (+3,260) which includes private schools, pre-school and child care facilities, hospitals, nursing and residential care facilities, and other medical clinics. Each county added jobs in this sector, but Benton County added the most (+1,820), up 34 percent in the time period. Columbia County had the highest growth rate at 41 percent, adding 420 jobs in education and health services. Clatsop County added 360 jobs in the sector, followed by Lincoln and Tillamook counties (+330 each).
Leisure and hospitality was the second largest growth industry within the area, adding about 2,380 jobs since 2008. This sector includes hotels, motels, campgrounds, restaurants, food carts, and arts, entertainment, and recreation businesses. Clatsop County added the most jobs in this sector, up by 940 jobs in the time period (+24%). Benton County added the second largest number of leisure jobs (+610), followed by Lincoln (+350), Columbia and Tillamook (+240 each).
The industry with the largest decline in the past 10 years was manufacturing, down 1,980 jobs in the period. Benton County took the biggest industry hit, losing 32 percent of manufacturing jobs (-1,380 jobs) since 2008. Clatsop County had the second largest manufacturing dip, down 370 jobs (17%), followed by Columbia County (-330) and Lincoln (-20). Tillamook County was the only county showing an increase in manufacturing jobs, gaining 120 jobs since 2008 (+8%) mostly in food manufacturing.

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