Government Offers Many Career Opportunities

Government Offers Many Career Opportunities

by Ainoura Oussenbec

May 2, 2016

The government sector has historically been an important employer in the Klamath Basin. In the past 10 to 15 years, government employment declined in Klamath County but increased in Lake County by about 14 percent thanks to job gains in state and local government.

As of March 2016, a quarter of Klamath County's and almost half of Lake County's jobs (this can change depending on the time of the year) were public sector jobs. The majority, close to 60 percent, of public sector jobs are in local government, which includes city and county government entities. Klamath County has a more significant share of state jobs with 28 percent. Lake County, on the other hand, has a higher share of federal jobs at 22 percent.

The Klamath Basin economy benefits from government employment, especially in view of the stagnant economic situation since the last recession. Because of the aging population, this sector can be a great career choice for job seekers in the coming years. The average age of current workers in state and, especially, in federal government is reported to be high, in some agencies over 50. With many seasoned government employees getting ready to retire soon, plenty of career opportunities should become available for job seekers of diverse backgrounds.

For somebody with a private-sector background, transitioning into government could be a good career move. What skills are in demand in government?

OED's occupational data shows government agencies need a great variety of skills, education and training. For instance, one out of 10 state government jobs are supervisory and management positions. These jobs are often filled via a so called open competitive process, and private sector leadership experience is considered a valuable asset.

In addition to supervisory, teaching, social services and administrative fields, the jobs are just as diverse as in the private sector. Government needs high-tech experts, engineers, as well as maintenance, landscape workers and bookkeepers, just to name a few.