How Do Households in Clackamas County Spend Their Money?

by Lynn Wallis

October 14, 2019

Consumer spending is another term for voluntary private household consumption or the exchange of money for goods and services in the economy. The measure of consumer spending includes all private purchases of durable goods, nondurable goods, and services. The main determinants of consumer spending are disposable income and household debt.

In 2019, the estimated median household expenditures in Clackamas County reached $73,539. Over one-half (53.9%) of these household expenditures were in the categories of shelter, transportation, and food and beverage. Households spent $39,611 of their household income on these three categories in 2019.

Health care, utilities, and entertainment were in the second level of expenditures and made up 21.3 percent of total household spending. The third level of expenditures included household operations, household furnishings, apparel, contributions, and education, which made up 17.5 percent of all household expenditures. The final level of expenditures included gifts, miscellaneous, personal care, personal insurance, tobacco, and reading, which made up 7.2 percent of all household expenditures.
Household Income

In order for households to consume goods and services, people in those households need to earn income. In 2018, the median household income in Clackamas County was $81,278. The median household income in Clackamas County has increased by $18,839 or 30.2 percent since 2010.

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