How Oregon Ranked in March 2017

How Oregon Ranked in March 2017

by Nick Beleiciks

April 26, 2017

Oregon’s March unemployment rate of 3.8 percent was the lowest on record, with comparable data going back to 1976. Oregon was one of four states that set new a record low unemployment rate in March. The other states were Arkansas (3.6%), Colorado (2.6%), and Maine (3.0%).

Oregon was tied with the 33rd highest (16th lowest) unemployment rate in March. Colorado had the lowest unemployment rate, while New Mexico had the highest at 6.7 percent.

Oregon’s 12-month job growth rate was 2.2 percent, which tied for the 7th fastest job growth. The fastest growing states were Utah (3.2%), and Florida, Georgia, and Nevada (3.0%). Other neighboring states have also seen strong growth: Washington (2.9%), Idaho (2.7%), and California (2.1%). Two states, Alaska and Wyoming, experienced significant job losses over the last 12 months. Both states were down 2.1 percent.

March is the last month in the year when the Official Oregon Series and the Official Bureau of Labor Statistics Series are based on the same benchmark. State job growth comparisons through the rest of the year may not be as reliable and are not recommended. Unemployment rate comparisons are valid throughout the year.