Job Benefits from Coastal Employers

by Erik Knoder

March 21, 2019

Coastal employers generally offered fewer job benefits to employees than employers in Oregon’s metro areas in 2018. Statewide, 75 percent of employers offered some type of benefit to their employees; only 65 percent of coastal employers offered any benefit. Part of the reason is the types of businesses that are common along the coast. They are smaller; often in industries (such as leisure and hospitality) that offer fewer benefits; and commonly have more part-time workers.
Getting benefits is especially difficult for part-time employees. Only 4 percent of part-time employees on the coast received employer-paid medical insurance, though it should be noted that more part-time employees may have been offered medical insurance and declined it. One bright spot for coastal part-time employees was receiving paid vacation, which 16 percent received. Statewide only 15 percent of part-time employees received paid vacation.

The benefit information is from a survey of nearly 4,600 employers statewide in 2018. The complete report is Employer-Provided Benefits: Offerings, Enrollment, and Rising Costs.

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