Jobs That Didn’t Exist 10 Years Ago

November 21, 2016

Drone pilots fly drones to gather data and information. Companies in electronic shopping anticipate using drones for delivering small packages over short distances.

Uber and Lyft drivers drive personal cars to transport passengers.

Social media strategists use social media tools to help companies interact with customers and create a buzz about the company's products.

User experience analysts look for ways to keep you on their website and to make your experience memorable and useful.

Business intelligence developers collect and organize a company's raw data by using different technology and tools, then transform it into readable reports.

Distance learning coordinators prepare and run online courses at colleges and schools.

iOS and Android developers write and test code, and build web applications.

Chief sustainability officers coordinate with management, shareholders, and employees to address sustainability issues and oversee the company's sustainability strategies.

Informatics nurses apply their skills in health science, information technology and computer science to help health care providers collect, retrieve, and use data that applies to patient care.
Disaster-recovery managers are IT professionals who develop plans to recover from cyber-attacks, terrorism or natural disasters.

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