Lane County Components of Population Change

by Brian Rooney

April 27, 2017

In-migration has been the driving force behind population growth in Lane County over the last six years. The University of Oregon, available health care and abundant outdoor recreation amenities make Lane County a favorable place for people to move to. Over the past six years, net migration (in-migration less out-migration) outpaced the county’s natural increase (births less deaths). Of the cumulative population increase of 14,225 between 2010 and 2016, 12,941 was due to net migration while 1,284 was due to natural increase meaning net migration made up 91 percent of total population growth.
Statewide, net migration outpaced natural increase by 98,472 for 70 percent of total population growth.

Over the six year period, Lane County’s population grew by 4.0 percent while Oregon grew by 6.4 percent. The fastest growing counties were Deschutes (12.0%), Hood River (10.7%) and Washington (10.2%). Grant (-0.5%) and Harney (-1.4%) were the only counties with losses.

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