Lane County Occupational Projections

by Brian Rooney

July 5, 2016

Between 2014 and 2024, there will be job openings in almost all occupations. At the broad occupational group level, health care (18%) and construction (15%) top the list for fastest growing by 2024.
The most openings are expected to be in two very different occupational groups - service (12,160 openings), and professional (8,505 openings). Service occupations – which include jobs as varied as emergency services, pest control workers, and fast food cooks – generally pay lower wages and require lower levels of education. Professional occupations – which include software developers, engineers, and lawyers – tend to pay higher wages and require higher levels of education.

At the detailed level, manufacturing and health care occupations dominate the fastest growing. The growth in manufacturing occupations is driven by published growth in electronics (Broadcom), transportation equipment (Winnebago) and wood products (Swanson). Demand for health care workers is driven by the expected continued growth and aging of the population.
In terms of actual job counts though, retail salespersons, cashiers, food preparation and serving workers, registered nurses, and waiters and waitresses are the five occupations with the most job openings anticipated in the coming 10 years. These are all large occupations in growing industries and they will all experience some openings due to economic growth and many more due to the retirement or other departure of existing workers.

In addition to the 18,547 new jobs from businesses opening or expanding, Lane County employers will also need sufficiently trained workers for the 37,155 openings due to the need to replace those leaving occupations. Without exception, replacement openings will make up a majority of total job openings in all major occupational groups.
All statewide and regional employment projections are available at Select the "Publications" tab in the upper right corner of the home page. Then page down to "Employment Projections" on the left to find industry and occupation projections to 2024.

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