Lane County Occupational Projections, 2017-2027

by Brian Rooney

September 14, 2018

Between 2017 and 2027, all occupational groups in Lane County will have job openings. Total openings include growth openings, replacement openings (largely from retirements), and transfers (a change in occupation).  

At the broad occupational group level, construction and extraction (22.0%) and health care (17.9%) top the list for fastest growing over the ten-year period.

The most openings are expected in the service category at 51,561 openings, making up more than one-fourth of all openings. Service occupations – which include jobs as varied as emergency services, pest control workers, janitors and fast food cooks – generally pay lower wages and require lower levels of education.
Another broad occupational category with many openings is professional and related (27,080). These occupations include scientists, engineers, and statisticians. Unlike the service occupations these occupations are generally highly paid, and require high levels of education and training.

At the detailed occupational level though, the occupations with the most openings largely have lower educational requirements and low pay. Retail salespersons, cashiers, food preparation and serving workers, waiters and waitresses, and personal care aides are the five occupations with the most job openings anticipated in the coming 10 years. These are all large occupations in growing industries with many replacement openings, largely due to turn over.

Higher education levels are required for many occupations in the high wage, high demand category. High wage, high demand occupations pay more than the median wage and have more than the median number of job openings over the ten-year period. There is also a wide variety of occupations in this category including managers, truck drivers, construction trade workers, health care workers, accountants, and bookkeepers so there is something for everyone with the right education and training.
All statewide and regional employment projections are available at Select the “Publications” tab in the upper right corner of the home page. Then page down to “Employment Projections” on the left to find industry and occupational projections to 2027.

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