Lane County’s Tech Sector Employment Drops in 2017 as the Number of Firms Increases

by Brian Rooney

June 26, 2018

Lane County’s tech sector has grown to roughly 450 firms including Electrical Geodesics, SentinelOne, Lunar Logic, Concentric Sky, and a host of others. Together, those firms employed 4,086 workers in 2017 and contributed over $300 million in payroll.

Trends show that, like most sectors, tech lost jobs during the Great Recession, dropping from an annual average of 5,658 jobs in 2007 to 4,002 in 2012 for a loss of 1,655, or 29 percent. Much of the loss was due to the closure of a Hynix semiconductor plant in late 2008. After 2012, the sector grew, gaining roughly 520 jobs by 2014. Since 2015, employment has dropped, largely from published layoffs at Symantec. The number of firms, however, has increased from a recent low of 418 in 2015 to 451 in 2017, indicating that new firms are moving to and being created in the county.
The definition of the tech sector is a broad grouping of 11 manufacturing and service industries that is the same as the high-tech definition formally adopted by the Oregon Employment Department. The table below lists the industries comprising the definition. It is also the same definition used nationally by the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics.

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