Manufacturing Drives Employment Growth in Morrow County

by Tony Wendel

July 7, 2017

Since 2006, total nonfarm employment in Morrow County has grown by 1,570 jobs, or 51 percent, according to Current Employment Statistics Program estimates. The biggest contribution to that growth occurred in manufacturing where employment has grown by 930 jobs, or 111 percent. Over that time, information, construction, and educational and health services all had higher growth percentages than manufacturing but together added approximately 550 jobs, less than two-thirds as many as manufacturing. Manufacturing employment has climbed from representing 27 percent of the county’s total nonfarm employment in 2006 to representing 38 percent in 2016.
The manufacturing industry in Morrow County includes food, wood product, chemical, nonmetallic mineral product, fabricated metal product, and machinery manufacturing. Food manufacturing is by far the dominant sector. According to the Quarterly Census of Employment and Wages, the 2016 annual average wage for jobs in manufacturing for the county was $47,498, well below the statewide wage for manufacturing of $67,436. However, for food manufacturing jobs Morrow County’s wage of $46,589 compared very favorably with the statewide wage of $40,453.

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