Manufacturing Is a Robust and Growing Industry in Clackamas County

by Lynn Wallis

February 2, 2018

Manufacturing makes up 12.1 percent of covered employment in Clackamas County compared with 11.8 percent statewide. The industry was made up of 629 firms that provided 17,822 jobs in the third quarter of 2017. Since 2010, the manufacturing industry has grown by 40 firms, adding 2,106 jobs.
Largest Industries

The top manufacturing industries in Clackamas County with the highest employment levels included fabricated metals (3,360 jobs), computer and electronic products (3,139 jobs), primary metals (2,350 jobs), food manufacturing (1,844 jobs), and machinery manufacturing (1,318 jobs).

Wages and Benefits

The average annual wage for the manufacturing industries with more than 400 employees ranged from $41,491 to $87,656 in 2016. 

According to the Economics and Statistics Administration, part of the United States Department of Commerce, manufacturing jobs offer some of the best benefits around and are worth about 60 percent more in monetary terms than benefits offered at other jobs. The Manufacturing Institute estimates that 72 percent of manufacturing firms offer healthcare benefits compared with 57 percent for other industry groups.

Age of Manufacturing Workers

The largest groups of manufacturing workers were 55+ years (27%) and 45 to 54 years (25.8%) in 2017. Since 2010, the share of workers ages 55+ increased  by 4.4 percentage points and the share ages 45 to 54 fell 3 percentage points.
Workers in the 35 to 44 years group made up 22.5 percent of industry employment and their share dropped 2.3 percentage points since 2010.

The share of younger workers, those 25 to 35 and 14 to 24 years, has remained relatively steady with the youngest worker group growing by 1.0 percentage point since 2010.

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