Mid-Valley’s Manufacturing Industry and Subsector Landscape

by Nicole Ramos

December 13, 2021

Inflation-adjusted wages across Mid-Valley have risen but those looking for work and employers are still disconnected; the unemployment rate has yet to reach the historical lows seen pre-pandemic. So, where are companies established and where are individuals working? Let us take a look at the manufacturing industry.

Manufacturing Establishments and Employment

Regionally, 15.4% of all Oregon manufacturing establishments were in the Mid-Valley as of second quarter 2021. Manufacturing accounts for 3.7% of all company establishments in Oregon. Even so, Oregon’s manufacturing industry employed 9.8% of all workers. Similarly, as of the second quarter of this year, 4.5% of all Mid-Valley company establishments are in the manufacturing industry, but the manufacturing industry employed 9.9% of all workers in the region. Manufacturing is the ninth largest industry by number of establishments both statewide and in Mid-Valley but the fourth and third largest industry, respectively, by employment. Marion County had the highest share of Mid-Valley manufacturing establishments (6.4% of the state), while Polk had the smallest share (1.4%).
Subsector Share by Establishment and Employment

The manufacturing subsector with the most establishments in Oregon is fabricated metal products, which makes up 896 or 14.1% of all Oregon manufacturing establishments. The largest number of Mid-Valley manufacturing establishments are beverage and tobacco product establishments (185, 19.0% of the total). When it comes to employment, the largest sector in Oregon is computer and electronic product manufacturing (20.1% of all manufacturing employment) and in the Mid-Valley the largest is food manufacturing, representing 18.8% of the total.

At the county level, 45.6% of all manufacturing establishments in Yamhill (129) were beverage and tobacco product establishments, but the miscellaneous manufacturing subsector hired the most workers (26.7% of all Yamhill manufacturing workers). The beverage and tobacco product subsector also accounts for the most manufacturing establishments in Polk County (30.0%), and makes up 12.6% of Polk manufacturing jobs. In fact, Polk is the only county in which the top subsector by establishment (beverage and tobacco products) is also the top subsector by employment. Fabricated metal product manufacturing had the largest share of manufacturing establishments in Marion and Linn County, 17.0% and 21.3%, respectively, only Linn County had 27 fewer establishments.

Often, the subsectors with the most company establishments are not the same subsectors that employ the most workers. So, although one subsector has the most establishments, another subsector may be more important in terms of individuals employed.

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