Northwest Oregon’s Retail Trade Industry

by Shawna Sykes

December 8, 2020

The retail trade sector employed more than 11,000 in Northwest Oregon and had close to $299 million in payroll in 2019. This makes retail the third largest employment sector in the region with 12.5% of covered employment, behind accommodation and food services (over 16,000 jobs and 16.4% of employment) and health care and social assistance (over 14,000 jobs and 14.4% of employment). So, you might wonder, which retail sectors are largest in the area? Which have the highest average wages? Let’s explore the data and see.
Food and beverage stores employ the largest portion of retail employment within Northwest Oregon at 25% and more than 2,800 jobs. General merchandise stores is second largest with over 2,300 jobs and 21% of retail. Motor vehicle and parts dealers (10%) and clothing and clothing accessories stores (9%) come in just above building material and garden equipment and supplies dealers (8%).

Average wages for the retail sector in NW Oregon were $26,066 annually in 2019, below the average across all industries for the region ($44,869). However, some segments of retail have higher average wages than others. Motor vehicle and parts dealers had the highest average wage of all NW Oregon retail sectors at $42,790 in 2019. Second highest was nonstore retailers with a more than $11,000 drop in average wage to $31,787 annually, followed closely by health and personal care stores at $31,614.

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