One out of Four Morrow County Residents Age 17 or Younger: 2018 Population Estimates by Age and Sex

by Dallas Fridley

June 13, 2019

Population estimates by age and sex, produced by Portland State University’s Population Research Center, detail Morrow County’s demographic makeup in 2018. Morrow County’s youth (ages zero to 17) represented about one out of four residents, while at the opposite end of the spectrum, retirement age adults and seniors (age 65 and over) held a 16.5 percent share. Working age adults (age 18 to 64) represented 58.9 percent of Morrow County’s population, lagging Oregon’s 61.7 percent. Looking at the broad age makeup, Morrow County’s youth population was considerably larger than Oregon’s and its senior population was somewhat smaller.
A more detailed population by age breakout for Morrow County and Oregon yields several new points. Morrow County’s relative shortage of working age adults was limited primarily to the 20 through 34 age groups. Together, the 20 through 34 group represented 17 percent of Morrow County’s population, well below Oregon’s 20 percent. Youth in the five to nine and 10 to 14 age groups were overrepresented, holding 14.2 percent of Morrow County’s population, relative to Oregon’s 11.4 percent. The 60 to 64 age group stood out for Morrow County, representing 7.6 percent of its population compared with Oregon’s 6.6 percent; age groups 55 to 59 and 65 to 69 matched the statewide profile.
Males outnumber females in Morrow County, with 51.2 percent of its population male and 48.8 percent female. Females held an advantage of 0.7 percent statewide, representing 50.7 percent of Oregon’s 2018 population. Morrow was one of 11 counties in Oregon where males outnumbered females. Surprising or perhaps expected, all 11 counties where males held an advantage were rural.

In Morrow County, females led nearly all age groups 65 and above. In the 85+ age group, females held a 54 percent share but in the 80 to 84 age group, female representation fell to 48.2 percent of the county’s population. Oregon females also held an advantage in the senior age groups, but the margins were considerably wider. Females led just one age groups under age 50, with youth age five to nine holding a 51.4 percent advantage. The widest margin was seen in the 20 to 24 age group where males comprised 55.8 percent of Morrow County’s population, a considerably higher share than Oregon’s 50.6 percent.

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