Oregon Business Employment Dynamics Report: Fourth Quarter 2017

by Ken Lux

September 25, 2018

Business Employment Dynamics statistics track the change in the number of jobs within each establishment in the private sector of Oregon’s economy. Changes can be the result of establishments opening or closing, and those that are expanding or contracting from the third month of one quarter to the third month of the next.

Opening and expanding private-sector establishments added 107,905 jobs to the economy in Oregon between September 2017 and December 2017, an increase of 5,139 jobs from the previous quarter. Private-sector establishments with job losses due to closings and contractions reduced employment by 95,399 jobs during the same time period. The result was an increase of 12,566 jobs.
Opening establishments gained 18,970 jobs which was 430 more than the 16,465 jobs lost due to establishments going out of business. Expanding private-sector establishments added 88,935 while contracting establishments resulted in a loss of 78,874 jobs, 4,826 fewer than the previous quarter.

The percentage of gross job gains in the fourth quarter of 2017 at expanding establishments rose by 0.3 percent from 5.3 percent to 5.6 percent of private-sector employment in Oregon. The U.S. national rate also increased, rising from 4.9 percent to 5.2 percent of U.S. private-sector employment. The percentage of gross job gains at opening establishments in Oregon remained unchanged at 1.2 percent, which is the same as the national rate.

The rate of gross job losses at contracting establishments in Oregon declined from 5.3 percent to 5.0 percent of private-sector employment; the national rate dropped from 5.0 percent to 4.5 percent. The rate of gross job losses at closing establishments in Oregon was unchanged at 1.0 percent; the national rate declined to 1.0 percent.

The seasonally adjusted number of Oregon establishments gaining jobs in the fourth quarter increased from 32,405 to 33,054, a gain of 649 establishments. The number of establishments losing jobs decreased by 1,030 to 30,325. The number of establishments that opened (6,023) was greater than the number of establishments that closed (5,822), resulting in a net gain of 201 establishments.

Industry sectors posting job gains included: construction (3,192), manufacturing (3,101), transportation and warehousing (2,419), leisure and hospitality (1,824), professional and business services (1,721), educational and health services (1,246), wholesale trade (819), and other services except public administration (451). Retail trade (-1,837), information (-1,060), and financial services (-44) had fewer jobs than in the third quarter.

A more detailed listing of Oregon Business Employment Dynamics data, statewide (all industries) and statewide (by industry sector), is available at www.QualityInfo.org on the Publications page in the Reports & Analysis box.


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