Sherman County 2017 Payroll and Employment

by Dallas Fridley

September 14, 2018

Sherman County’s total all industries payroll took a hit in 2017, falling by $0.7 million to total $37.6 million, a loss of 1.8 percent. All industries employment cut 20 jobs to total 825, a loss of 2.4 percent. Sherman County’s 2017 pay averaged $45,672, an increase of $257 or 0.6 percent over 2016. Sherman County’s 2017 all industries payroll ranked 34th out of 36 Oregon counties; likewise its annual average employment ranked 34th.
Oregon’s all industries annual pay reached $51,117 in 2017, about $5,500 higher than Sherman County’s average. Among Oregon’s 36 counties, Sherman County’s average pay ranked seventh, just behind Crook County ($47,029) and just ahead of Marion County ($44,756). Only three counties, Clackamas ($51,724), Multnomah ($57,173), and Washington ($68,168) exceeded Oregon’s 2017 average pay. The annual pay gap for two-thirds of Oregon’s counties exceeded $10,000 in 2017.

Sherman County’s 2017 private industry payroll totaled $19.8 million, falling by 4.5 percent; Oregon’s private industry payroll rose by 6 percent. Sherman’s private industry cut 26 jobs, falling to 498 in 2017, a drop of 5 percent.

Construction payrolls plunged by $0.7 million in 2017, falling to $4.4 million, a loss of 13.6 percent. Construction employment fell by eight jobs (-7.4%) to average 57. Annual pay averaged $77,850, a loss of nearly $1,200 or 1.5 percent compared with 2016. Despite the loss, construction produced an average pay gap of more than 70 percent compared with Sherman County’s all industries average.

Transportation, warehousing, and utilities also cut its payrolls in 2017, falling by nearly $0.5 million or 8.1 percent to total $5.1 million. Transportation, warehousing, and utilities 2017 pay averaged $40,068 in 2017, about 12 percent below Sherman County’s all industries average. Employment in transportation, warehousing, and utilities fell by 16 jobs or 11.1 percent in 2017 to average 128.

Professional and business services led private industry with a payroll gain of more than $0.3 million or 23.5 percent, reaching $1.8 million. Employment rose by five jobs to average 30 in 2017, an increase of 20 percent. Annual pay averaged $59,902, producing a gap of $14,270 or 31.3 percent compared with Sherman County’s all industries average.

Government payrolls rose by about $0.2 million or 1.3 percent in 2017 to reach $17.8 million. Government employment rose by five (+1.6%) to average 326 jobs. State government led the public sector, with a payroll gain of about $0.2 million, rising to $1.8 million (+14.9%). Employment in state government rose by four jobs to average 44 in 2017 (+10%). State government pay averaged $41,416, 9.2 percent below Sherman County’s 2017 all industries average.

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