Size of Firm Report 2018 – Baker County

by Christopher Rich

November 1, 2018

Roughly 95.0 percent of Baker County’s privately owned firms employed fewer than 20 workers in the first quarter of 2018. Altogether, these small firms accounted for half of the county’s private-sector workforce and 35.0 percent of private-sector wages. The majority of firms employed from one to four workers and the second largest group of firms employed from five to nine workers. The third largest group of firms had zero employees.

Firms with zero employees accounted for a relatively large portion of private-sector firms; roughly one out of every six and a half firms. For this report, a firm was designated a size class based on their March 2018 employment level. The majority of firms in Baker County with zero employees in March had from one to four employees in one or more months during 2017. Some of these firms had from one to four employees in January or February 2018, but none in March. Many firms in this size class are in seasonal industries. They likely hire a small number of workers during peak season, or for special projects, and let them go when demand has softened.
The other side of the size class coin is that 5.0 percent of Baker County’s privately owned firms employed 20 or more workers. These 28 firms accounted for the other half of Baker’s private-sector workforce and the majority (65.0%) of private-sector wages. Roughly 1.0 percent of the county’s private-sector firms employed from 50 to 99 workers and another 1.0 percent employed from 100 to 249 workers. These 11 large firms accounted for 35.0 percent of private employment and more than half of all private-sector wages in the first quarter of 2018.

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