Spelling and Grammar Matter!

November 27, 2018

Mistakes, Poor Grammar Hurt College Admission and Job Search

Résumés, letters, applications, and essays with mistakes are much less likely to receive a reply or result in a college admission or job interview. 

Mistakes are a big turn-off for college admissions officers and employers. They see errors as a red flag that you don’t pay attention to details and don’t do your best work when it really counts.

Some college admission officers and employers electronically scan resumes and search for keywords in education, skills, or job titles to find prospective students or job applicants to interview. If the words they are searching for are spelled wrong, they won’t get picked up!

Read everything you send to any college or potential employer carefully. Read it more than once, use spell checker, and ask someone else to review it. Don’t let simple errors hinder your college admission or job search.

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