The Roseburg Area’s Economic Focus Is Heath Care and Social Assistance

by Annette Shelton-Tiderman

December 18, 2018

Douglas County is home to nearly 111,800 people, and Roseburg is home to 22 percent of the population. The city’s boundaries vary depending on whether one looks at city limits, urban growth boundary, or census tracts. For this summary, the Roseburg urban area is defined as census tracts 800, 1200, 1300, 1400, and 1500; overall county data will exclude the Roseburg area. These tracts cover the businesses north, east, and west of the city center as well as the unincorporated area of Green to the south. The Roseburg area provides nearly 53 percent of the county’s employment.
Although the county’s primary industry sector is manufacturing, the city area is the hub for health care and social assistance, which provides one out of every four Roseburg area jobs. This urban center is home to a number of private as well as public-sector health care facilities in addition to city and county social assistance offices. It is also home to the Roseburg VA Health Care System, which includes the medical center’s administration offices and three outpatient clinics providing medical, surgical, and mental health care for more than 63,000 veterans in the central and southern Oregon and northern California service area.
Trade, transportation, and utilities provide nearly one out of every five jobs in the Roseburg area. This is very similar to the county’s 18 percent employment in this sector. Professional and business services companies are concentrated in Roseburg, the county’s urban core. At 13 percent of the employment, this is nearly double the share across the county. Additionally, public administration’s government-based services provide 9 percent of the Roseburg area employment; countywide, this is only 2 percent. Another sector heavily influenced by population is natural resources and mining – no surprise that the county’s employment is more than quadruple the share of the city’s jobs!

Manufacturing, particularly wood product manufacturing, is the county’s number one source of employment, accounting for 23 percent of jobs. Within the city area, manufacturing provides only 3 percent of urban employment.
Looking at local employment patterns may help employers and community planners understand their strengths and areas of potential opportunity. Conveniently located mid-county along I-5 and connecting urban centers to the south and north, the Roseburg area is well-positioned to offer health-related services, professional and business services, in addition to needed trade, transportation, warehousing, and utilities services. This urban center provides an important connection to business ventures located in the county’s rural areas.

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