BOLI Construction Industry Occupational Wage Survey

Each year, the Oregon Employment Department (OED) conducts an independent geographical wage survey of the construction industry on behalf of the Bureau of Labor and Industries. This page provides information and resources for contractors who are completing the survey.

Oregon law (ORS 279C.815) requires the Commissioner of the Bureau of Labor and Industries to conduct surveys to determine prevailing wage rates for specified trades and occupations in non-residential construction. The bureau has contracted with the Oregon Employment Department to conduct this survey and collect relevant data for determining prevailing wage rates in fourteen regions specified in the law.

The law (ORS 279C.815(3)) requires those who receive the survey to provide the information needed in this survey. The information you provide is protected by law. It will be kept strictly confidential and will not be published in a manner allowing identification of your firm.

Your timely response and cooperation are essential for determining accurate and fair wage rates for Oregon's contractors and workers. Please return your completed survey form no later than September 10, 2020. Failure to return a completed survey form or filing fraudulent information may result in a monetary fine (civil penalty) of up to $5,000 (ORS 279C.865).

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2020 Schedule

Event Description Due Date
May 2020 Market Review Postcard A census of contractors and businesses involved in non-residential construction are asked to identify whether they performed work on non-residential projects during selected time periods. June 10, 2020
July 2020 Construction Industry Occupational Wage Survey A survey booklet will be mailed to businesses requesting they report information about the wage and benefits of the employees who worked during selected time periods.
September 2020 Annual Survey is Due The Construction Industry Occupational Wage Survey is due. Further solicitations will follow. September 10, 2020
October 2020 Final Notice Mailed Final notices are mailed to contractors who have not returned a completed survey.
November 2020 Wage Estimates Released Wage and benefit estimates will be produced and provided to the Bureau of Labor and Industries. Non-confidential wage estimates will be made available by the Bureau of Labor and Industries.

Am I in the Survey?

If you haven't received a Construction Industry Occupational Wages Survey and believe you should have, please contact our staff. We will review our records to make sure mailing and contact information is up to date.

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