Performance Measures

April 18, 2022

Oregon's Performance Reporting Information SysteM (PRISM) produces information about the effectiveness of workforce system programs and services. This performance data helps policymakers, administrators, and educators make informed program and service delivery decisions. A suite of user-friendly reporting tools provides easy access for anyone who is interested in learning about the results that Oregon's workforce system produces for its customers.

How PRISM Works

Oregon's workforce system delivers a wide variety of services including job placement and training for youth and adults, and employment-related services for targeted populations. The workforce system also serves employers by providing job listings, applicant screening, and labor market information.

In order to measure workforce system performance, PRISM collects and analyzes a wealth of administrative and demographic data from workforce and education partners. Workforce data include Temporary Assistance for Needy Families (TANF), Vocational Rehabilitation, SNAP (Food Stamps), Title I (Youth, Adults, and Dislocated Workers), Employment Services, Unemployment Insurance, and Trade Act (provides assistance to individuals who become totally or partially unemployed due to the impact of international trade). The PRISM Education partners provide a wealth of education and training data for students from kindergarten through higher education and individuals who participate in the Bureau of Labor and Industries’ Apprenticeship programs. The results of this analysis are published as a set of performance measures that describe how successfully workforce system customers find jobs, keep jobs, and improve their earning power through training and education. PRISM also measures how satisfied customers are with the services they receive.

PRISM works by matching information about customers' workforce program participation against quarterly Unemployment Insurance wage records, data from Oregon's education system, and feedback obtained through customer satisfaction surveys. This information is combined into seven performance measures that describe customer outcomes and experiences after they have received workforce and education services. Five of these measures relate to customers' employment and earnings and two gauge customer satisfaction among businesses and individuals.

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