Career School: Short-term Training for Long Lasting Skills

January 15, 2021

Private career schools offer education after high school. Courses range from a few weeks to a year or more.

Career schools offer training in a variety of career fields, including cosmetology, truck driving, phlebotomy, pet grooming, real estate, massage therapy, dental assisting, bookkeeping, tax preparation, and many more!

Before you enroll in a career school:

Talk with others who are working in the field you are considering. Make sure you really understand what people in that profession do on a daily basis.

Visit the school you are considering attending. Visit classes, too.

Determine total cost for the entire program, including tuition, fees, books, and supplies.

Talk with employers at companies where you might want to work. Ask them if they have hired any graduates of the school you are considering. If they have, ask them if the employees were well prepared. If they have not, ask them if the training you are considering would help you get a job in their company.

Prepare to enroll by talking with the admissions representative at the school. Review the catalog, the school calendar, the student handbook and any other material that might help you know more about the school. Also read through the enrollment agreement with the school representative.

Make sure you understand all the school costs, and student rights and responsibilities. Read the policies on attendance, satisfactory progress, and requirements for graduation or completion. Read the school’s policy on filing a grievance if you are dissatisfied with the program.

Verify that you meet admission requirements.

Verify loans you will be taking to make sure that your potential earnings are enough to repay the loan and also provide for your living expenses. To learn about the potential wages in a career, go to and click on Jobs and Careers, and then find Occupation and Wage Information.

Analyze the loan agreement carefully for any money you might borrow to go to school.

Don't rush. Take your time. Don’t let yourself be rushed into making a decision.

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Source: Excerpted from Tips on Selecting a Private Career School, Private Career Schools, Higher Education Coordinating Commission.

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