Data Sources and Limitations

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The Oregon Employment Department, in collaboration with the Oregon Workforce Investment Board (OWIB), Oregon Department of Education, and other partners, developed definitions for high-wage, high-skill, and high-demand occupations as follows:

High-wage Occupations

Occupations paying more than the all-industry, all-ownership median wage for statewide or a particular region.

High-demand Occupations

Occupations having more than the median number of total (growth plus replacement) openings for statewide or a particular region.

High-skill Occupations

Occupations with a typical educational level needed for entry of postsecondary training (non-degree) or higher
Occupations with an apprenticeship as the "typical on-the-job training" level
Occupations typically needing related work experience or long-term OJT for entry and postsecondary training (non-degree) or above as competitive.