Data Sources and Limitations

for Occupational Wages

Occupational wage data in QualityInfo represent first quarter 2021 wages. The data used to create these estimates came from the Occupational Employment and Wage Survey. This survey samples more than 6,000 business establishments per year, taking three years to fully collect the sample of more than 18,000 establishments. The data used for the current wage estimates came from surveys that were conducted in 2017, 2018, 2019, and 2020. The wage data were then adjusted to 2021 using the Employment Cost Index. It is important to note that these wage rates may vary between industries, as well as by firm size within an industry. Also, when determining wage rates for individual occupations, it is important to assess current labor market conditions which may also affect wages. Annual wages are based on full-time employment. Not all jobs are full time.